I am a retired economics professor who now has delusions of being a race car driver and an artist. In order to prepare my 1988 Honda CRX for SCCA road racing,  I taught myself how to weld. Then, knowing a little about welding opened up all kinds of possibilities for creating art. For decades I had dabbled in various forms of art such as stained glass, woodworking, photography, etc.. Now that I have some free time to create my sculptures, I quite often combine motorcycle and car parts (springs, wheels, gears, brake rotors, clutch discs, etc.) with steel rods, tubes, and sheets. Sometimes other materials like wood, glass, stone, aluminum, copper, and various found objects are included in my works.

    Some of my work is realistic, some is abstract, some is whimsical, some is functional , and some is both functional and whimsical. I hope that you enjoy it.

Cattails by the pond